Here at Jura Monkey Forest, we believe that playing online slot machines is an adventure activity of its own. Every spin shoots out thrills within a couple of seconds, while you are wondering about whether you are going to win or not.

Here are our top picks of the best adventure-themed slot machines to enjoy.

Gonzo’s Quest


Gonzo Quest is not only one of the best adventure-themed slots right now but one of the best slot titles there is. Gonzo’s Quest is big here in the Netherlands as well as in other countries.

The main mission of this slot game is to find the treasure of El Dorado using the map Gonzo stole to help you out. The game has most of the slot features including free spins, multipliers, wild cards, scatter cards, jackpots, and a couple more.

Gonzo’s Quest offers one of the biggest jackpots ever in slot machine gaming. In terms of design, the title has a 3D design with each symbol originally drawn for the game.

The Epic Journey


Quickspin is responsible for many of the best online casinos millions of people enjoy every day. The Epic Journey has three palettes with stacked reels. This game is one of the best in terms of added features and bonuses.

There is the Mushroom Forest pick game, a mini-game for extra coins as well as three-spin fossil hunt. What you want to keep an eye on are the Earthships. If you get three Earthships, you trigger the bonus game.

Now that bonus game may result in different bonuses. It is only up to luck. Speaking from experience, we hope it’s the Mushroom Forest pick game or maybe the big cash prize.

Mr Vegas


Mr Vegas is a slot game about the greatest gambling city of all, Las Vegas. The slot has the same features as most titles. The story and soundtrack are what sets it apart. It is considered to be the famous slot in Las Vegas because it fully reflects why the city is considered the gambling capital of the world.

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Top Adventure Themed Slot Machines