Are you out there looking for the most adrenaline-filled adventure activities? Are you tired of the usual zip-lining and bungee jumping experience at the nearby adventure park? If you are, then there are so much more activities you need to consider. So much more.



Have you ever walked hundreds of feet above the ground on a glass platform? Well, this is something similar, only you get to walk on the edge of the tallest communications tower in the world. The CN Tower is located in the city of Toronto in Canada.

You get to walk on top of a glass panel, 457m or 1,500ft from the ground. If you have acrophobia or fear of heights, we suggest you stay away from this one. While walking the edge, you don’t get to hold on to anything. The only thing that keeps you from falling is a harness.

Dinner in the Sky


This one is a combination of adrenaline, dining, and leisure. Just from reading the title, you’ll know what it is about. A table is set for you and your companions hundreds of feet above the ground.

The table is suspended to keep everything from falling. In the sky, you’ll be served by a private chef or chefs.

You can’t go to the bathroom and you can’t drink a lot of wine. You will be strapped on safely to your seat.This trend has been adapted in dozens of countries and some are making an updated version of it. You might want to see if there is a dinner in the sky facility or business near you.

Cage of Death


Have you seen those videos wherein divers are submerged underwater while contained in a metal cage? Then a group of sharks start to circle. This is the same, except instead of sharks, a group of the most feared crocodiles will approach you.Cage of Death is truly for adventure seekers out there.

Bonus Activity

Another adrenaline and thrilling activity you might want to try is online gaming. That’s right. Gaming at home while betting your money and hoping every spin and every draw gives you the big payout. Give it a try right now by downloading any online gambling apps.

Top Adrenaline Pumping Adventure Activities