Spending a lot of time walking the tightrope at the backyard? Have you managed to get across or do you keep falling?

Have you ever seen the television show “Modern Family?” In one-episode Phil Dunphy was practising his tightrope walking in his backyard with a bed underneath him.

He kept on falling and his son Luke said to him, “Well, maybe that’s the problem. Maybe you keep falling because part of you know that you can fall. Maybe if the wire was much, much higher, you wouldn’t fall.”

Long story short, Phil managed to get across. Are you inspired? Let’s get to tightrope walking.

Mental Toughness

You don’t have to be a bodybuilder or a professional athlete to walk a tightrope. You need mental toughness to keep you focused despite the fear of falling. According to many professional tightrope walkers, the activity is all about focus and your body and mind are one.

Find the Sweet Spot

According to researchers, there is a secret to tightrope walking and that is the sweet spot. The rope has a destabilizing element that is mainly caused by human movement. So, a small mistake or error can be amplified easily when tightrope walking.

The sweet spot is when the person can find a rhythm while walking and that minimal effort is needed to get across. Researchers then advised walkers to keep on practising and that a different setting may result in significant changes on the feel.

Be Aware of the Rope Sag

Do you know that a rope sag is? Rope sag is its level to decline or subside. The less sag there is the quicker the vibrations. The larger the sag the larger the vibrations. It is proven that the rope sag tends to change when the walker is halfway through.

Understanding and measuring the rope sag can be incorporated into finding the sweet spot when it comes to tightrope walking.

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Tips on How to Become an Expert Tightrope Walker