Acrobatics is more than just a performance for many people. For some, acrobatics is a sport and a competition. For others, it is a discipline that keeps them healthy and fit. But in general, acrobatics is perceived as a great show of people doing extraordinary stunts using their human strength and feats.

To learn more about acrobatics, we must first familiarize ourselves with the world’s greatest acrobats.

Jules Leotard

Jules Leotard of France was the first man to ever do the flying trapeze act in 1859 at the Cirque Napoleon in Paris. Leotard was the son of a gymnasium owner, so it was no surprise that he developed a connection with gymnastics.

He would hone his high-flying stunts every day over the swimming pool at their house. When he showed the world the flying-trapeze act, it was a game-changer. Leotard then travelled the world showcasing the stunt in many forms and settings.

Once in London, he somersaulted between five different trapezes. To add adrenaline, the only thing to break his fall was an old mattress. Back then, that was considered suicide because a small error may result in serious injuries or worse, even death. Leotard established something that continues to be practised to this day.

Charles Blondin

Known to most people as “The Great Blondin”,Charles Blondin was more than just an acrobat. He was the main highlight of every circus performance he was part of. He got the name “The Little Wonder” for his extraordinary acrobatic and tightrope walking skills.

Blondin was known for many stunts. But his greatest stunt ever took place back in June 1859. To solidify his name in history, he strung a 1,300-foot hemp rope between the Canadian and American sides of Niagara Falls. That’s right, hewalked between two countries and across the chasm.

While he was doing that, he would pause for a couple of seconds and enjoy a sip of wine. After his first try, he repeated the same routine only with different twists, suicidal twists for that.

Once, he even took his manager with him on the walk. That’s right while walking the rope, he was carrying his manager on his back. Now that is how you define trust, ask anyone.

Leotard and Blondin continue to inspire hundreds of acrobats to this date to perfect tightrope walking, bungee jumping, and more adventure activities.

The Greatest Acrobats of All Time