Jura Monkey Forest is your partner when it comes to everything related to outdoor activities or adventure activities such as zip-lining, acrobatics, and tightrope walking.

Our founder, EkremVerbakel was an aspiring daredevil when he was young. He watched vintage videos of the world’s greatest daredevils and stuntmen. Jura Monkey Forest was his idea to share his passion and let others experience it as well.

Unprecedented growth

Jura Monkey Forest started as a blog with Ekrem sharing his outdoor experiences with his readers. He travelled all over the country and experienced adrenaline-pumping activities he could including zip-lining down Euromast in Rotterdam.

From a peak of over 100 metres from the ground, you get to enjoy a panoramic view of the entire city.

He also climbed the highest free-standing climbing wall in Groningen, the Excalibur. By the way, it is the highest in the world, not just in the Netherlands.

Using all of his savings working as a soil conservationist for many years, Ekrem opened the Jura Monkey Forest adventure park in Kimswerd that caters to different adventure activities, to be specific, thrilling adventure activities.

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